Nendoroid Erica Fontaine and her Koubu-F2 is out for preorders on the Good Smile Company website!

I’m so excited! She’s as expensive as the Miku specials and the more rare Nendoroids and I’m guessing this is because of her extra battle outfit and her Koubu, which is like a whole other figurine rather than an “optional accessory”!

I wonder if they’ll make Gemini and other characters too. I wish they’d make even just a petit set for the classic Hanagumi. I love this series so much.



GameFan’s review of Sakura Wars; the first installment of the epic strategy RPG/dating sim series by RED/SEGA with artwork by Kosuke Fujishima. I wanted to play this game so bad and I still do lol. This series never came to the states till much later. I think the PS2/Wii port Sakura Taisen 5 was the very first ST game to be released in the states. I watched the OVAs/TV series/movie though (which did come to the states thanks to ADV) and that’s how I got my fix on this series but never got to play ST-ST IV.

This game belongs, for me, in the category of epic RPGs for the SEGA consoles that we never got to experience in the states. While the PSX has Final Fantasy and other SE and Atlus classics and Nintendo had Zelda we didn’t really get to experience the wealth of RPGs that were released for the SEGA consoles in Japan, specially during the Saturn era (this was a big mistake IMO in the part of whoever was president of SOA at the time). (scans)